Solar da Pena renews its image

Innovate with respect for tradition

Modernizing the image of a brand with centuries of history is a task of enormous responsibility and requires immense respect for its history, its people and the territory in which it operates.

Solar da Pena decided to move forward with the rebranding of its institutional image with a view to modernizing the brand and repositioning its wines. The new image, which blends tradition with contemporaneity, aims to perpetuate a remarkable name whose foundation dates back to the mid-14th century and which works passionately to create Vinho Verde of unquestionable quality.

The rebranding carried out not only allows an effective introduction of new wines to the Solar da Pena portfolio, but also standardizes the company’s various areas under the same identity: wines, agro-tourism accommodation, events and wine tourism experiences.

The new identity also brings with it the new slogan “Born from history… to remain in memory” with the aim of projecting the future honoring the rich history and legacy of the place. Three colors were used whose combination conveys the values of Solar da Pena: the strength and sobriety of black; the tranquility and light of white; and the elegance and nobility of gold.

Welcome to a new chapter in the history of Solar da Pena.