Solar da Pena


To enter Solar da Pena is to immerse yourself in the history of Portugal. Its origin is lost in time, having been founded shortly after the Battle of Salado and was home to a number of notable personalities of Portuguese medieval chivalry. Centuries after its founding, Solar da Pena reborns today in the hands of businessman José Correia, seeking to give a new life to this remarkable place in the history of Portugal and build a unique tourism and wine project in the region.

Wine Country House

Next to the Cávado River and following the riverside path, a little below Solar da Pena is our Agro-Tourism accommodation project called Quinta das Areias Wine Country House. This project is located in an old agricultural property that has been completely restored, where the traditional Minho moth that was at its origin remains in the building.
Unique sensations in a unique place


Come visit us and experience our territory where wine culture is deeply rooted. Discover the magic of Solar da Pena, its history and its wines through different experiences where authenticity reigns.
Life at Solar da Pena


We want you to accompany us in all the news that we are sharing in this renewed life at Solar da Pena. From the launch of new wines to the presence at events, the distinctions won or the experiences we have prepared for you.